In this edition of the FGM podcast, Dan Miller talks with Jim Baggett of Mass Street Music in Lawrence, Kansas.  Jim is a very talented guitar repairman and is well known for the restoration work he does on vintage instruments.  He is also a vintage instrument expert who works regularly as an appraiser on the Antiques Road Show television program.  

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In this edition Dan Miller talks with Italian flatpicker Roberto Dalla Vecchia.  Dan met with Roberto recently at his home in Vicenza, Italy, and talked about his many recordings, his two books that Flatpicking Guitar Magazine have published, the time he has spent teaching at Steve Kaufman’s flatpick camps, and his teaching and performing in Italy.

Direct download: Roberto_Podcast_-_11_10_16_10.28_AM.m4a
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In this podcast our good friend Tim May interviews Pat Flynn.  Many of you will know Pat from his years with the New Grass Revival, his involvement in many studio projects in Los Angeles and Nashville, his touring and recording as a solo artist, or his popular flatpicking instructional video.  In this podcast Tim is talking with Pat about his new CD titled "reNew."  This is the third recording in a trilogy of Pat Flynn CDs.  The first two CDs were titled "reQuest" and "reVision."  You will also get to hear a cut from the new CD.

Direct download: Flynn_Podcast.mp3
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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller caught up with Eli West at the Grand Targhee Music Camp back in August of 2014. Eli was featured in the November/December 2012 issue of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. Since that time he has continued to perform and record with his musical partner Cahalen Morrison, but he is also now involved with Jayme Stone's Lomax Project. Dan and Eli talk about this new project and more during their visit and you'll get to hear a cut from his newest CD with Cahalen. I hope you enjoy this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast.

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Welcome you to the another edition of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine's podcast. In the podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller will be talking with Roy Andrade.  Roy is an assistant professor at East Tennessee State University.  He and Doc Watson's daughter Nancy have released an incredible 4 CD set of Doc Watson material along with a 73-page hard bound book that tells the story of the Watson family and the tunes that are on the CDs.  The project is titled "Milestones: Legends of The Doc Watson Clan."  The large majority of this material was recorded at the Watson home by either Doc or Nancy and has never been heard outside of this collection.  Dan met up with Roy at the Grand Targhee Music camp and they talked about the project.  We hope you enjoy listening to their conversation.  To find out more about this project, visit:

Direct download: Roy_Podcast.mp3
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In this edition of our podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller will be talking with Thomas Sneed, the Director of the Grand Targhee Music Camp.  The Grand Targhee Camp is one of the best music camps that you could select this summer because the instruction is superb, the shows are awesome, the jamming is great, the food is top notch, and up at 8000 feet on the western slope of the Grand Teton mountains, you couldn't ask for a better setting.  The man who makes it all possible is Thomas Sneed.  In this podcast Dan and Thomas talk about his year's event.

Direct download: Snead_Podcast.mp3
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  In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine podcast we are remembering bluegrass guitar legend George Shuffler.  George passed away at his home in Valdese, North Carolina, on April 7th, 2014 just shy of his 89th birthday.  In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller will share with you pieces of an interview that he conduct with George Shuffler at Merlefest in April of 1997.  You will also hear George cross pick the tune "Will You Miss Me."

Direct download: Shuffler_Podcast2.mp3
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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller talks with Nick DiSebastian.  Nick is now offering a transcription service through the website and will talk with him about this service.  Nick is also getting ready to release a new CD.  We'll talk with Nick about this CD and ask him about the private instruction he offers in Nashville.  We'll also get to hear a previously recorded version of the title cut that Nick recorded with banjo player Kyle Tuttle. 

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_55.mp3
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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller talks with Mr. Flatpick himself, Steve Kaufman.  Steve was featured on the cover of the very first issue of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine seventeen years ago, and has been a regular columnist ever since. In this podcast Dan and Steve talk about Steve's workshops, his Acoustic Music Camp, and his decision to come out of retirement and enter the National Flatpicking Guitar Championship.  You'll also get to hear Steve pick a tune with another national champion flat picker, Mark Cosgrove.

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_54.mp3
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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller talks to Grant Gordy, the current guitar player for the David Grisman Quintet.   Grant was featured in two previous issues of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine.  He first appeared in the July/August 2008 issue and then he appeared on our cover in the Sept/Oct 2011 issue.  Since that time he has moved from Colorado to New York and is involved in a number of musical projects.  Dan talked with Grant at the Grand Targhee Music Camp about his current projects and Grant played an improvised tune for our listeners to enjoy.  
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_53.mp3
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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller talks with Italian flatpicking Maestro Beppe Gambetta.  Originally from Genoa, Italy, Beppe now owns a second home in New Jersey and spends at least half of the year in the United States.  In celebration of his new American home, Beppe has just released a new CD titled "The American Album."  In this podcast, Dan talks with Beppe about his new CD and then play you a cut from the album.   

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_52.mp3
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In this podcast we are going to try something a little different.  As you may know, in all of our previous podcasts, we've interviewed flatpicking guitar players and then provided one tune from our interview subject. We're not going to be interviewing anyone this time, we are just going to play you a bunch of music that has come into our office recently so that you sit back and enjoy some fine flatpicking music.   All of the artists who I'll be featuring in this podcasts have been highlighted in flatpicking guitar magazine over the years.  If you hear someone that you like in particular, please check out the issue in which they were featured at

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_51.mp3
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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine podcast Dan Miller talks with Ron Block, most famously known as a member of Alison Krauss and Union Station.  In addition to his work with Union Station, Ron has produced two solo CDs and is getting ready to release a third sometime this year.  He has also recently released an instructional project for guitar, which is a 3-hour two DVD set (available at  In this interview Ron and Dan talk about some of Ron's ideas relating to practice and getting a full and rich sound when soloing, and you will also get to hear some instrumental music from Ron's CD "Doorway." 
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_50.mp3
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In this podcast Dan Miller talks with the 1995 National Flatpicking Guitar Champion, Mark Cosgrove. They talk about Mark's current job with the David Bromberg quartet and how he approaches his improvised solos on stage with that band.  They also talk about Mark's latest FGM Records CD "Unencumbered," and his work on the road with the Depue Brothers.  Plus, you'll get to hear a cut off of Mark's "Unencumbered" CD - the great old fiddle tune "Rickett's Hornpipe."

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_49.mp3
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In this podcast Dan Miller talks with Dale Adkins of Salem, Oregon.  Flatpicking Guitar Magazine first published an article about Dale shortly back in May of 1997.  Since that time he has been busy playing in various bands and working in the recording studio as player, engineer, and producer.  In this podcast Dan talks with Dale about some rhythm and practice ideas and then we'll hear a cut from Dale's newest solo CD, Alone in the Red Room. 
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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor, Dan Miller, speaks with the Gibson Brothers' mandolin player Joe Walsh.  In addition to playing mandolin with the Gibson Brothers, Joe is also a teacher at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  Dan talks with Joe about the tragic passing of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine columnist John McGann, who was a professor at Berklee, and the influence John had on the program at Berklee and the Boston music scene in general.  You will also get to hear a cut from Joe's solo CD.

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_47.mp3
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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast, FGM editor Dan Miller caught up with John Chapman of The Chapmans.  John was featured on the cover of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine back in our Sept/Oct 2004 issue.  Since then John has continued to tour with the band and teaches lessons at a local music store  when he is back home in Springfield, MO.  In this interview Dan talks with John about some of his teaching ideas and then you'll get to hear a cut from the Chapmans "Grown Up" CD.

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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast Dan Miller talks with Tim May and Robert Bowlin about a new CD that they recorded in mid-April titled "Flatpick Swing."  The concept was to get a couple of great flatpicking guitar players in the studio and have them jam on some swing standards.  More and more swing tunes are showing up at flatpick jams these days and so we thought it would be awesome to record Tim and Robert jamming on a few of these tunes.  If you are a flat picker who plays some swing, I think you'll love this recording.  You'll also love it if you are a fan of great flatpicking, or good swing music.  Check out this podcast to find out what Tim and Robert have to say about it. 

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_45.mp3
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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine podcast Dan Miller talks with Matt Wingate.  Matt has been featured several times in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine over the years, the first time was way back in 1997 when Matt was only 15 years old.  He was featured on the cover in the March/April 2009 issue.  Over the years he has been on the road with Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike, The Greencards, The Lovell Sisters, and is currently with the Clarie Lynch Band.  In this podcast Matt talks about what he has learned playing with these various bands and how his approach to guitar has changed over the years.  You will also get to hear Matt play one of his original tunes.
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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast Dan Miller talks with our friend Bob Minner.  Many of you will know from the cover story article that we published last year about Bob that he is originally from Missouri and grew up flatpicking bluegrass music, however, for the past 19 years he has been on the road and in the studio as a member of country start Tim McGraw's band.  Even though that job keeps him very busy, Bob took time last year to record a solo CD that features his song writing and flatpicking talents.  In this podcast Dan talks with Bob about his new CD and you can also hear a cut from that record.

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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller talks with Flapticking Guitar Magazine columnist, Brad Davis. Dan talks with Brad about a new songwriting contest that he and his partners are hosting at music stores throughout the southeast during the first few months of 2012 and they also discuss the upcoming release of Brad's new acoustic solo CD. The also talk about the CD that Brad's electric rock band, Iron Giant, has recorded as well as Brad's his work with movie actor Billy Bob Thornton. You'll also get to hear a great new tune that is the title cut of Brad's soon-to-be-released solo record, "The Voice of Eddie Stubbs."

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_42.mp3
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In this podcast Dan Miller spends time talking with Paige Anderson of the Anderson Family Band of Grass Valley, California.  Paige was first featured back in Volume 10, Number 6 of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, which was the special women's issue.  Since then she has been a guest columnist on two occasions, most recently being in our special fiddle tune issue, number 2.  Today Dan talks with Paige about her family band, her new duo CD with her sister Aimee, and about what it is like being a female teenage bluegrass flatpicker.  Paige also gave us a cut from her upcoming duo CD.

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_41.mp3
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In this edition of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine's podcast Dan Miller talks with Flatpicking Guitar Magazine's email newsletter instructor, Mickey Abraham.  For several years now Mickey has been writing the free monthly lesson that goes out with the FGM email newsletter at the end of every month.  We thought that those of you who have been working with Mickey's lessons may be interested in knowing a little more about him.  So Mickey and Dan talk about his lessons, his teaching, his performing and recording, and the cover story Mickey wrote about Grant Gordy for the Sept/Oct 2011 issue of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. 
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_40.mp3
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In this podcast Dan Miller talks  to guitarist, singer, and songwriter Wayne Taylor.  For years Wayne was the leader of the US Navy's country and bluegrass band Country Current.  Now retired from the Navy, Wayne is touring with his own band Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa.  The band has recorded a couple of CDs and is quite active on the bluegrass festival circuit.   In this podcast Wayne and Dan talk about his career in music and after the interview is over you'll get to here a cut from Wayne's new CD.  I hope you enjoy our Wayne Taylor podcast.

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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller caught up with Bryan McDowell at Houstonfest in Galax, Virginia, in early May 2011.  Bryan McDowell is the guy who has stunned the contest world over the past few years by not only winning the guitar, mandolin, and fiddle championships in the same year at the Walnut Valley contest in Winfield, Kansas, but also winning almost every other major contest up and down the east coast in all three of those instruments.  Last year Bryan came out with a CD called "The Contestant" which highlights some of his contest arrangements.  In this podcast we'll talk with Bryan about his contest wins and you'll get to hear his arrangement of "Whiskey Before Breakfast" from his new CD.
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_38.mp3
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On this podcast Dan Miller talks with flatpicking master Kenny Smith.  Fifteen years ago Kenny released a CD called "Studebaker" that has become  "must own" recording for any flatpicking enthusiast.  Now, in May of 2011, Kenny is getting ready to release a new solo instrumental recording titled "The Return."  In this podcast Dan talks with Kenny about the new recording and you'll have the opportunity to listen to a cut from the CD.  We hope you enjoy this podcast.

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In this podcast Dan Miller talks with Mark Dalton of the Huss and Dalton Guitar Company about their excellent line of acoustic guitars.
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_36.mp3
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In this Podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller interviews the 2006 National Flatpicking Champion Matt Arcara.  Matt is currently living in Portland, Maine, and playing lead guitar with the band Joy Kills Sorrow.  When he is not on the road with the band Matt is home building guitars and producing some incredibly fine instruments.  Dan and Matt talk about the band's music, the importance of building a strong foundation in the study of the flatpicking masters, and Matt's custom guitar building business.

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast Number 34.  In this Podcast Dan Miller is speaking with Joe McColley, a talented flatpicker from San Antonio, Texas.  Joe recently released a very nice CD of flatpicking guitar tunes called Flatpicking Classics and recorded the majority of the tunes in duo with either  Adam Wright or Mark Cosgrove, who are both former National Flatpicking Guitar Champions.  Dan talks with Joe about his preparation for and recording of this project and then you'll hear a cut from the recording.  
Direct download: FGM_Podcast__34.mp3
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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine podcast we are coming to you from Bozeman, Montana, and talking with our good friend John Lowell.  John is primarily known for his work with the bluegrass band Kane's River and from his many duo projects with mandolin player Ben Winship, under the name Growling Old Men.  John was featured on the cover of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine a couple of years ago and it was a lot of fun getting to pick with John and catch up during the trip to Montana.  John and Dan Miller talk about John's current activities, the importance of using a timing device and developing the right hand, and you'll hear John Lowell and Ben Winship perform "East Virginia Blues."
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_33.mp3
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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller talks with Steve Palazzo, a well-known acoustic guitar artist who is based in Santa Cruz, California.  Steve has been a friend of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine since we first started publishing back in 1996 and he was featured in the magazine's third issue back in early 1997.  Since that time he has contributed to the magazine on numerous occasions and we always welcome his contributions.  Dan and Steve about his thriving teaching business, his ideas about teaching the guitar, including how to improve timing and speed.  You'll also get to hear a cut from Steve's latest CD.   The CD is a duet recording with Laura Smith, titled "Like Strangers."  The tune you will hear on this podcast is a medley of "Black and White Rag" and "Dill Pickle Rag." 

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_32.mp3
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In this Podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller visits with flatpicking guitar legend Dan Crary at his home in Placerville, California.  Among other things, they talk about Dan Crary's documentary film "Primal Twang," discuss some of his ideas about learning to play and practicing the guitar, and you'll also get to hear a cut from Dan's upcoming CD by his new band Dan Crary and Thunderation, which includes multi-instrumentalist Keith Little, and songwriter and bass player Steve Spurgin. 

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_31.mp3
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In this edition we are talking with Flatpicking Guitar Magazine columnist John Carlini about his brand new podcast that he calls "From the Vault."  As John explains in our podcast interview, he has been interviewing musicians and making recordings all the way back to the 1970s when he was working with David Grisman.  He has recently transfered many of those old cassettes to a digital format and he will be sharing these one of a kind recordings with his podcast audience.  At the end of this podcast we also get to hear John Carlini (guitar), Don Stiernberg (mandolin), and Brian Glassman (bass) play one of John's original compositions titled "A Night in Ipanema."
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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast Dan Miller talks with former FGM columnist Chris Jones about his band's new CD "Cloud of Dust."   After the interview you will hear Chris Jones and the Night Drivers play one of Chris' original tunes from the CD, "The Love She Left Behind."

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_29.mp3
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This edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine podcast features our good friend Maro Kawabata who has just released a new CD on FGM Records titled Sunset Drive.  The CD features the guitar playing of both Maro and Wyatt Rice.  Wyatt also engineered and co-produced the project and Maro brought in a great line up of bluegrass pickers and singers to help him out, including Rickie Simpkins, Sammy Shelor, Adam Steffey, Ronnie Rice, Don Rigsby, Andy Hall, Patty Mitchell, and Richard Bennett.  You can find out more about this CD at

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In this edition of our podcast Dan Miller talks with Flatpicking Guitar Magazine columnist Kathy Barwick about two new band CDs that have recently been released on FGM Records.  The first is from a Sacramento-based Irish band called Nine-Eighths Irish and the name of that CD is Out of the Ocean.  The second is from a bluegrass band from the Grass Valley area of California called Mountain Laurel.  Additionally, Kathy and I talk about some of the music camps she will be teaching at this summer and what one might expect from a Kathy Barwick workshop or seminar.

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_27.mp3
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In this podcast Dan Miller talks with the National Flatpicking Guitar Champion from 2002, Scott Fore of Radford, Virginia.  In addition to winning just about every major flatpicking contest up and down the east coast, Scott has also written instructional books, has various recording project in the works and tours as solo act, with a Gypsy Jazz band, and with a contra dance band.  Dan talks with Scott about all of those things, and well as Scott's ideas on flatpicking practice and technique, and you'll hear Scott pick a little bit with his friend David Doucet at the end of the podcast.

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_26.mp3
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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Dan Miller talks with guest Jeff Troxel.  Jeff is one of the columnists for Flatpicking Guitar Magazine and he is also a former National Flatpicking Guitar Champion.   Jeff has recently release two flatpicking books through Flatpicking Mercantile and he also has a fairly new solo CD titled "Dancing in the Flame."  Dan and Jeff talk about the two new books and Jeff's solo record and then you get a chance to hear a tune from Jeff's CD.  Please visit this podcast    at

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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast, Dan Miller talks with Dix Bruce about his new Christmas book "Christmas Favorites for Solo Guitar."  Dix talks about how he selected the songs, the arrangements he presents, and how you might think about making up your own arrangements.  He also plays two songs from the book for your Christmas listening pleasure.  This book is now available at, at the following URL:
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_24.mp3
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In this podcast Dan Miller talks with Bull Harman, the creator of the St. Louis Flatpick Weekend, which takes place each year in March in St. Louis, MO. They will talk about the event and also talk about rhythm and lead guitar playing and then we'll hear Bull's original tune, "Bull's Eye". For more information about the St. Louis Flatpick Weekend, visit
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_23.mp3
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In this podcast Dan Miller talks with Italian flatpicking maestro Beppe Gambetta at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS, and talk to him about his current U.S. tour, and his latest CD.  Also included is "Leonidi" (a collaboration with Jim Hurst) from Beppe's "Rendezvous" CD.
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_22.mp3
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Tim May and Dan Miller discuss the new FGM Records various artists release "Flatpicking Bluegrass," and play a track from the recording which features Josh Williams.  Tim May produced this recording, which features Stephen Mougin, John Chapman, Jeff White, Josh Williams, Tim Stafford, Brad Davis, Richard Bennett, Chris Jones, Jim Nunally, Tim May, and Kenny Smith.  This CD is available from 
and downloadable from the iTunes store and
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_21.mp3
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In this podcast Dan Miller talks Robin Kessinger, a former national flatpicking champ who is also one of the most talented flatpicking teachers in the country.  Robin's newest young flatpicking prodigy, Adam Hager, was featured in Volume 13, Number 5 of Flatpicking Gutiar Magazine and so Dan sat down to talk to Robin about his teaching philosophy and his current activities.  Robin also plays a great fiddle tune, "Yellow Barber." 
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_20.mp3
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On this podcast Dan Miller interviews Tyler Grant at the Peaceful Bend Americana Music Festival in Steeleville, Missouri.  Tyler was there to perform with Josh Williams and teach some workshops. Tyler is the 2008 National Flatpicking Champion and won the Merlefest Contest in 2009.
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_19.mp3
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On this podcast Dan Miller interviews Peter McLaughlin and Greg Morton in Tucson, Arizona. Both these distinguished pickers have been featured in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine.
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_18.mp3
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On this week's podcast Dan Miller interviews Flatpicking Guitar
Magazine columnist Adam Granger and talks with him about his CD projects.

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_17.mp3
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On this week's podcast Dan Miller interviews Flatpicking Guitar
Magazine columnist Dix Bruce and talks with him about his new book
and CD set titled "Gypsy Swing and Hot Club Rhythm."  Also included
is a selection from the book which includes the lead for "Sheik of
Araby" followed by a long rhythm accompaniment track.

Visit Dix Bruce's website.
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_16.mp3
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This week Dan Miller interviews Jack and Molly Tuttle about their CD
"The Old Apple Tree", which was released in April of 2007. 

After listening to the interview, if you are interested in purchasing the
CD, please visit:

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_15.mp3
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On this weeks show we have an interview with Dan Miller and Jim Hurst. Jim has a new album coming out soon so keep an eye out for it.  And we'll let you know about it as soon as we can.

Jim's website
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This week Dan Miller makes a stop in Nashville to see Andy Falco and Tony Watt they talk a little about their new projects and have a special music session.

Visit Andy's Myspace

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This weeks Podcast Features an interview with Dan Miller with Pat Flynn. Pat talks about his new CD "reVision" and the CD projects he is currently working on.

Pick Up Pat's New CD "reVision" at:

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_12.mp3
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This weeks podcast features an interview from Dan Miller with Jim Nunally. Jim has just finished a album he tributed to his mother. It has a great list lof artist on the album and a great story too.

Get Jim Nunally's Album Gloria's Waltz at:

Flatpicking Mercantile

and CD Baby
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Welcome to Podcast Number 10. This Podcast features Wil Maring and Robert Bowlin two great artist that have been working hard and touring the states. As we mentioned Robert Bowlin's CD is available AT

You can also see Wil's websites at:

Direct download: FGM_Podcast_10.mp3
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This week we feature Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller and his interview with Flatpicking Guitarist Orrin Star. They'll be talking about whats new with Orrin. Check out Orrin's website at you can also check out Orrin's DVD's Flatpicking Primer and Rhythm Guitar Workshop Also check out Orrin on YouTube
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_9.mp3
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Welcome to the show this is Podcast number 8. This week we feature
Dan Miller and his interview with flatpicking guitarist Tim May. Tim and Dan talk a little about Tim's new projects and some about his instrument collections. We also play a tune from Tim's current album "Find My Way Back" You can pick up at Flatpicking, iTunes, and CDbaby.
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_8.mp3
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This week we feature Mark Cosgrove and his new CD "Take Yer Medicine"

You can get a copy of Mark's New album at Flatpicking Mercantile, CD Baby.

Visit Marks Website at

Remember to stop by our YouTube Page and see our bulging amount of Guitar, and concert videos.
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Hey all,

Welcome to another show! In this podcast we feature James Alan Shelton and George Shuffler and they are gonna talk a little about Crosspicking. We also have a task for you!

You can buy the James Alan Shelton and George Shuffler segment in the "Clinch Mountain Guitar DVD". and you can view a clip of the segment on our Youtube page! And you can also get the "New Standards for Flatpicking" CD on iTunes !

We want to know who YOU would like to hear in the future Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast. Please let us know by posting your comments to this episode note. or you can go to our myspace page. or just shoot me an email at with your request and any other questions you might have.

We'll go through them and see if we can't find some of your favorite Flatpickers to get interviews with!

It's been a great 3 months and we would like to thank all our loyal listeners! Lets keep this show moving!

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Welcome to the show Podcast number 5. This week's show we travel to East Tennessee State University where we caught up with to interviews Tim Stafford and Mo Canada. 

Tim and I talked about his mega carreer as a Bluegrass flatpicking artist. You can visit his sites at and his myspace page

Mo Canada talked about his new album Grassoline, and how different things are in this album than his last 10 years ago. You can find Mo at and his myspace page

As always you can find these great artist's music at or on iTunes
Direct download: FGM_Podcast_5.mp3
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Welcome to the show it is podcast number 4. This weeks cast we interview Matt Arcara the 2006 Nation Flatpick Champion and because it's our Christmas show will have guitarist John Carlini by to talk about his Christmas CD.

Matt Arcara and I sat talked a little about his album with Joy Kills Sorrow. Matt was the top guitarist winner at this years National Flatpick Championship. For more information about Matt view his bio on the Joy Kills Sorrow official band site.

John Carlini has performed with many amazing artist over the years. His CD "A Christmas Gift" is a shining star resembling that. You can also find some of the other artist on the CD like Earl May  Rob Paparozzi

You can get "A Christmas Gift" at the iTunes music store! Or get it at

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On this weeks show we talked with guitarist David Grier who we caught up with at the Roanoke Bluegrass Weekend. Also we spoke with Bull Harmon about what's going on with him and the St.Louis Flatpick Workshop Weekend.

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The First FGM Podcast!

For our second podcast has a celebrity interview with flatpicker Tyler Grant and talk about one of his tunes "Grey Eagle" off of his new album "In The Light". We also have an interview with Grammy award winning artist Brad Davis. He talks about the "Live in Kansas City" DVD and we take a listen to one of the tunes from that DVD, "Big Timber" a track that both Tim May and Cody Kilby played With Brad. You can also view the footage from "Big Timber" on our YouTube page.

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Our Introduction Show!

We put this first podcast up to help those who are unfamiliar with flatpicking. This podcast has several tunes from our sampler CDs that will help introduce new folks to flatpicking. We also have a short interview with the magazine's editor Dan Miller about these albums. The songs include "Song for Emily" off of our 2001 sampler CD and "A Minor Infaction" off of our 2003 sampler CD.

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