In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine podcast we are coming to you from Bozeman, Montana, and talking with our good friend John Lowell.  John is primarily known for his work with the bluegrass band Kane's River and from his many duo projects with mandolin player Ben Winship, under the name Growling Old Men.  John was featured on the cover of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine a couple of years ago and it was a lot of fun getting to pick with John and catch up during the trip to Montana.  John and Dan Miller talk about John's current activities, the importance of using a timing device and developing the right hand, and you'll hear John Lowell and Ben Winship perform "East Virginia Blues."
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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller talks with Steve Palazzo, a well-known acoustic guitar artist who is based in Santa Cruz, California.  Steve has been a friend of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine since we first started publishing back in 1996 and he was featured in the magazine's third issue back in early 1997.  Since that time he has contributed to the magazine on numerous occasions and we always welcome his contributions.  Dan and Steve about his thriving teaching business, his ideas about teaching the guitar, including how to improve timing and speed.  You'll also get to hear a cut from Steve's latest CD.   The CD is a duet recording with Laura Smith, titled "Like Strangers."  The tune you will hear on this podcast is a medley of "Black and White Rag" and "Dill Pickle Rag." 

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In this Podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller visits with flatpicking guitar legend Dan Crary at his home in Placerville, California.  Among other things, they talk about Dan Crary's documentary film "Primal Twang," discuss some of his ideas about learning to play and practicing the guitar, and you'll also get to hear a cut from Dan's upcoming CD by his new band Dan Crary and Thunderation, which includes multi-instrumentalist Keith Little, and songwriter and bass player Steve Spurgin. 

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In this edition we are talking with Flatpicking Guitar Magazine columnist John Carlini about his brand new podcast that he calls "From the Vault."  As John explains in our podcast interview, he has been interviewing musicians and making recordings all the way back to the 1970s when he was working with David Grisman.  He has recently transfered many of those old cassettes to a digital format and he will be sharing these one of a kind recordings with his podcast audience.  At the end of this podcast we also get to hear John Carlini (guitar), Don Stiernberg (mandolin), and Brian Glassman (bass) play one of John's original compositions titled "A Night in Ipanema."
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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast Dan Miller talks with former FGM columnist Chris Jones about his band's new CD "Cloud of Dust."   After the interview you will hear Chris Jones and the Night Drivers play one of Chris' original tunes from the CD, "The Love She Left Behind."

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This edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine podcast features our good friend Maro Kawabata who has just released a new CD on FGM Records titled Sunset Drive.  The CD features the guitar playing of both Maro and Wyatt Rice.  Wyatt also engineered and co-produced the project and Maro brought in a great line up of bluegrass pickers and singers to help him out, including Rickie Simpkins, Sammy Shelor, Adam Steffey, Ronnie Rice, Don Rigsby, Andy Hall, Patty Mitchell, and Richard Bennett.  You can find out more about this CD at

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In this edition of our podcast Dan Miller talks with Flatpicking Guitar Magazine columnist Kathy Barwick about two new band CDs that have recently been released on FGM Records.  The first is from a Sacramento-based Irish band called Nine-Eighths Irish and the name of that CD is Out of the Ocean.  The second is from a bluegrass band from the Grass Valley area of California called Mountain Laurel.  Additionally, Kathy and I talk about some of the music camps she will be teaching at this summer and what one might expect from a Kathy Barwick workshop or seminar.

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In this podcast Dan Miller talks with the National Flatpicking Guitar Champion from 2002, Scott Fore of Radford, Virginia.  In addition to winning just about every major flatpicking contest up and down the east coast, Scott has also written instructional books, has various recording project in the works and tours as solo act, with a Gypsy Jazz band, and with a contra dance band.  Dan talks with Scott about all of those things, and well as Scott's ideas on flatpicking practice and technique, and you'll hear Scott pick a little bit with his friend David Doucet at the end of the podcast.

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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Dan Miller talks with guest Jeff Troxel.  Jeff is one of the columnists for Flatpicking Guitar Magazine and he is also a former National Flatpicking Guitar Champion.   Jeff has recently release two flatpicking books through Flatpicking Mercantile and he also has a fairly new solo CD titled "Dancing in the Flame."  Dan and Jeff talk about the two new books and Jeff's solo record and then you get a chance to hear a tune from Jeff's CD.  Please visit this podcast    at

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