The First FGM Podcast!

For our second podcast has a celebrity interview with flatpicker Tyler Grant and talk about one of his tunes "Grey Eagle" off of his new album "In The Light". We also have an interview with Grammy award winning artist Brad Davis. He talks about the "Live in Kansas City" DVD and we take a listen to one of the tunes from that DVD, "Big Timber" a track that both Tim May and Cody Kilby played With Brad. You can also view the footage from "Big Timber" on our YouTube page.

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Our Introduction Show!

We put this first podcast up to help those who are unfamiliar with flatpicking. This podcast has several tunes from our sampler CDs that will help introduce new folks to flatpicking. We also have a short interview with the magazine's editor Dan Miller about these albums. The songs include "Song for Emily" off of our 2001 sampler CD and "A Minor Infaction" off of our 2003 sampler CD.

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