Hey all,

Welcome to another show! In this podcast we feature James Alan Shelton and George Shuffler and they are gonna talk a little about Crosspicking. We also have a task for you!

You can buy the James Alan Shelton and George Shuffler segment in the "Clinch Mountain Guitar DVD". and you can view a clip of the segment on our Youtube page! And you can also get the "New Standards for Flatpicking" CD on iTunes !

We want to know who YOU would like to hear in the future Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast. Please let us know by posting your comments to this episode note. or you can go to our myspace page. or just shoot me an email at Paul@flatpick.com with your request and any other questions you might have.

We'll go through them and see if we can't find some of your favorite Flatpickers to get interviews with!

It's been a great 3 months and we would like to thank all our loyal listeners! Lets keep this show moving!

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Welcome to the show Podcast number 5. This week's show we travel to East Tennessee State University where we caught up with to interviews Tim Stafford and Mo Canada. 

Tim and I talked about his mega carreer as a Bluegrass flatpicking artist. You can visit his sites at Tim-Stafford.com and his myspace page

Mo Canada talked about his new album Grassoline, and how different things are in this album than his last 10 years ago. You can find Mo at mocanada.com and his myspace page

As always you can find these great artist's music at FlatpickingMercantile.com or on iTunes
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