In this edition of the FGM podcast, Dan Miller talks with Jim Baggett of Mass Street Music in Lawrence, Kansas.  Jim is a very talented guitar repairman and is well known for the restoration work he does on vintage instruments.  He is also a vintage instrument expert who works regularly as an appraiser on the Antiques Road Show television program.  

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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller talks with Flapticking Guitar Magazine columnist, Brad Davis. Dan talks with Brad about a new songwriting contest that he and his partners are hosting at music stores throughout the southeast during the first few months of 2012 and they also discuss the upcoming release of Brad's new acoustic solo CD. The also talk about the CD that Brad's electric rock band, Iron Giant, has recorded as well as Brad's his work with movie actor Billy Bob Thornton. You'll also get to hear a great new tune that is the title cut of Brad's soon-to-be-released solo record, "The Voice of Eddie Stubbs."

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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine podcast we are coming to you from Bozeman, Montana, and talking with our good friend John Lowell.  John is primarily known for his work with the bluegrass band Kane's River and from his many duo projects with mandolin player Ben Winship, under the name Growling Old Men.  John was featured on the cover of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine a couple of years ago and it was a lot of fun getting to pick with John and catch up during the trip to Montana.  John and Dan Miller talk about John's current activities, the importance of using a timing device and developing the right hand, and you'll hear John Lowell and Ben Winship perform "East Virginia Blues."
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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller talks with Steve Palazzo, a well-known acoustic guitar artist who is based in Santa Cruz, California.  Steve has been a friend of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine since we first started publishing back in 1996 and he was featured in the magazine's third issue back in early 1997.  Since that time he has contributed to the magazine on numerous occasions and we always welcome his contributions.  Dan and Steve about his thriving teaching business, his ideas about teaching the guitar, including how to improve timing and speed.  You'll also get to hear a cut from Steve's latest CD.   The CD is a duet recording with Laura Smith, titled "Like Strangers."  The tune you will hear on this podcast is a medley of "Black and White Rag" and "Dill Pickle Rag." 

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In this Podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller visits with flatpicking guitar legend Dan Crary at his home in Placerville, California.  Among other things, they talk about Dan Crary's documentary film "Primal Twang," discuss some of his ideas about learning to play and practicing the guitar, and you'll also get to hear a cut from Dan's upcoming CD by his new band Dan Crary and Thunderation, which includes multi-instrumentalist Keith Little, and songwriter and bass player Steve Spurgin. 

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