In this podcast Dan Miller talks with Dale Adkins of Salem, Oregon.  Flatpicking Guitar Magazine first published an article about Dale shortly back in May of 1997.  Since that time he has been busy playing in various bands and working in the recording studio as player, engineer, and producer.  In this podcast Dan talks with Dale about some rhythm and practice ideas and then we'll hear a cut from Dale's newest solo CD, Alone in the Red Room. 
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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor, Dan Miller, speaks with the Gibson Brothers' mandolin player Joe Walsh.  In addition to playing mandolin with the Gibson Brothers, Joe is also a teacher at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  Dan talks with Joe about the tragic passing of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine columnist John McGann, who was a professor at Berklee, and the influence John had on the program at Berklee and the Boston music scene in general.  You will also get to hear a cut from Joe's solo CD.

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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast, FGM editor Dan Miller caught up with John Chapman of The Chapmans.  John was featured on the cover of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine back in our Sept/Oct 2004 issue.  Since then John has continued to tour with the band and teaches lessons at a local music store  when he is back home in Springfield, MO.  In this interview Dan talks with John about some of his teaching ideas and then you'll get to hear a cut from the Chapmans "Grown Up" CD.

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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast Dan Miller talks with Tim May and Robert Bowlin about a new CD that they recorded in mid-April titled "Flatpick Swing."  The concept was to get a couple of great flatpicking guitar players in the studio and have them jam on some swing standards.  More and more swing tunes are showing up at flatpick jams these days and so we thought it would be awesome to record Tim and Robert jamming on a few of these tunes.  If you are a flat picker who plays some swing, I think you'll love this recording.  You'll also love it if you are a fan of great flatpicking, or good swing music.  Check out this podcast to find out what Tim and Robert have to say about it. 

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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine podcast Dan Miller talks with Matt Wingate.  Matt has been featured several times in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine over the years, the first time was way back in 1997 when Matt was only 15 years old.  He was featured on the cover in the March/April 2009 issue.  Over the years he has been on the road with Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike, The Greencards, The Lovell Sisters, and is currently with the Clarie Lynch Band.  In this podcast Matt talks about what he has learned playing with these various bands and how his approach to guitar has changed over the years.  You will also get to hear Matt play one of his original tunes.
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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Podcast Dan Miller talks with our friend Bob Minner.  Many of you will know from the cover story article that we published last year about Bob that he is originally from Missouri and grew up flatpicking bluegrass music, however, for the past 19 years he has been on the road and in the studio as a member of country start Tim McGraw's band.  Even though that job keeps him very busy, Bob took time last year to record a solo CD that features his song writing and flatpicking talents.  In this podcast Dan talks with Bob about his new CD and you can also hear a cut from that record.

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